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Information About Offshore Tax Havens

Offshore Tax Havens Are Safe Havens for Your Assets and Your Privacy

Offshore tax havens are countries that make it easier for you to legally protect your assets from the courts, creditors, or the litigants. But the greatest benefit is the financial privacy you get in offshore tax havens. The most favorable countries of offshore tax havens are Nevis, Belize, St. Vincent, Panama, and Bahamas.

There are several very profitable ways to benefit from offshore tax havens: by starting an offshore corporation; by opening an offshore bank account; and by obtaining an offshore merchant account:

I. Offshore Corporations

Offshore corporations, also known as International Business Companies (IBC), are companies formed outside your country of residence. Most offshore tax havens have h2 laws to protect the privacy of the IBC’s ownership. Offshore corporations can:

– Protect your assets from lawsuits.

– Reduce your taxes (depending on your country of residence/citizenship).

– Increase your privacy.

– Allow you to run your business with confidentiality.

– Allow you to take advantage of flexible business laws abroad.

– Expand your business worldwide with utmost privacy.

– Make you the president of your own international corporation.

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II. Offshore Bank Accounts

Offshore banking is a legal way to protect your financial assets by moving them to secure offshore safe havens.

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III. Offshore Merchant Accounts

We can set up an overseas merchant account so your business can accept credit cards easily and securely. It’s a legitimate way to move more of your profits to one of our offshore tax havens. High risk merchant accounts available, too.

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It is important to note that, with few exceptions, US people are taxed on worldwide income. So, be sure to obtain proper licensed legal and tax advice before utilizing offshore legal tools and bank accounts.