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How to Protect Your Assets Using an Offshore Corporation

An offshore corporation is a corporation formed outside of your country of residence. Jurisdictions that have favorable laws compete with one another to accommodate the offshore asset protection and privacy needs of international clientele. Laws in these jurisdictions have helpful features that are not available in US, Canadian, UK law. Examples are privacy of ownership, privacy granted to officers and directors, and non-recognition of foreign judgments.

The offshore company is the ideal structure in which to place an offshore bank account. Offshore banking inside of your own international business company (IBC) significantly enhances your privacy. When someone wires money or sends a check abroad they leave a trail. If a person makes the mistake of having an offshore account in his or her own name, instead of in corporation, the trail leads right to him or her. However, then the trail leads to an offshore entity that you own privately, the trail has more of a tendency to grow cold for would-be litigants and judgment creditors.

Which offshore jurisdictions offer the most favorable advantages?

1. Nevis Offshore Company (Also click here to learn about the Nevis LLC and our Nevis virtual office Complete Management Package)
2. British Virgin Islands (BVI) Offshore Company
3. Belize Offshore Company
4. Panama Offshore Company (IBC )
5. Bahamas Offshore Company
6. St. Vincent Offshore Company

Being comfortable going offshore requires a bit of understanding and insight. Keep in mind that for people in Switzerland, opening a bank account in the US is going offshore to them. For people who live in the reputable offshore jurisdictions, opening a bank account in their own counties feels much like and American feels when opening a bank account down the street. They do it with full confidence, relaxation and without giving it a second thought that their money will be there the next time they go to make a withdrawal.

Unlike most Europeans, Americans are isolated geographically from a multitude of other countries. Therefore, not as many people have experience with offshore banking as their foreign counterparts.

Good, decent law-abiding citizens deserve some place to put their assets offshore for financial peace of mind and privacy. Going offshore shouldn’t be just for tax cheats and crooks.

For those who will not use the restroom without asking their attorney or Certified Public Accountant (CPA), then maybe it is time for them stand up and start taking charge of their own financial futures. There are good professional people who specialize in offshore structuring that may be much more knowledgeable about the tremendous benefits and value of going offshore than “Good Old Joe” who they have been using for years. This is not to say that they should shuck Joe. It is to say that certain specialists can work hand-in-hand with Joe so they can take advantage of benefits that they or Joe had not previously considered.

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