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Offshore Banking – Asset Protection and Privacy

Offshore banking is your first step in your goal for financial privacy. This is the best piece of free information we can offer to you. Move some or most of your money into an offshore bank account in a foreign safe haven. This one move alone puts your banking activities beyond the easy reach of ex-partners, ex-spouses, litigious competitors and bloodthirsty attorneys. Offshore banking can be as safe and convenient as banking back home.

Establish an Offshore Company to Own Your Account

The next big piece of advice we can offer is to establish an offshore company to own your offshore account. An offshore corporation offers you much greater banking secrecy. This allows you to send a wire transfer or check offshore that is recorded in the name of an offshore company that you own privately. This next important step keeps your name off of the receiving end of the electronic trail of your offshore account. There are millions if not billions of US and Canadian dollars, British Pounds, Euros and the like changing hands in the banking system with foreign companies offshore every day.

Offshore banking is even more convenient today than it was in the past because of internet access to your account. You can check balances, see transactions and even wire money online from the convenience and privacy of your home or office.

The jurisdiction recommendations in order safety, privacy and convenience in order starting with the most desirable are as follows:

1. Switzerland
2. Antigua
3. Belize
4. Bahamas
5. Luxembourg

Switzerland and Antigua make it a criminal offense to illegally reveal the signer on the bank account to outside parties and, additionally, impose stiff fines on the offending party. So, these jurisdictions take privacy seriously except, naturally, for funds attained through unlawful means such as drug trafficking or those intended for terrorist activities.

How do I get access to my account?

For large amounts you can initiate a bank wire. For smaller sums most offshore banking institutions issue debit or credit cards.

How do I get funds into my account?

Wire transfer is the most common. Business or personal checks, bank checks or cashier’s checks are also used. Some individuals will utilize cash purchase money orders to fund their accounts.

Is my account safe?

All of the above jurisdictions are very highly regulated by their governments to keep maintain a sound financial position. Routine government audits are conducted to insure depositor safety.

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