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I am concerned about privacy. What you have done for me will make me sleep better at night knowing my finances are private.

– K.K., Las Vegas, NV, USA

This is just what I was looking for. Financial protection.

– M.S., Sacramento, CA, USA

As a professional athlete, people are always trying to take my money. It’s nice to deal with someone I can trust. God bless you guys.

– C.A., Louisville, NC, USA

We are in the venture financing business. We needed a way to protect our cash from this high liability business. Thanks for your help.

– E.C., Sunnyvale, CA, USA

I’ve been in litigation for years. I wanted an account where my wife and I remain anonymous. I also wanted something legal. You did the job. Thanks for your help and guidance.

– L.F. Charlotte, NC, USA

I wanted to diversity my investments and incorporate offshore. You established an offshore corporation and bank account for me and I have been very pleased with your service.

– E.A., Tampa, FL, USA

I have a lot of people to refer to you. Thanks for getting the job done so quickly.

– T.C. Lubbock, TX, USA

My wife and I were interested in obtaining complete information on establishing an IBC. I found it on your website. You were very fast on getting the offshore corporation and offshore bank account established.

– O.W. San Clemente, CA, USA

The reason we did this with you was we wanted financial privacy and asset protection. Thanks for taking care of us all of these years.

– J.B., Old Greenwich, CT, USA

We set some highly aggressive investment goals. So, we needed an equally aggressive asset protection plan. Thanks for taking time to explain everything to us before and after you delivered our offshore corporation to us.

– M.D., Kleinburg, ON, Canada

I attended a seminar and they said I should call you and set up an offshore corporation. I appreciate your service.

– A.D., Burlington, ON, Canada

We were referred to you by [deleted]. We were interested in offshore banking and an offshore corporation for privacy. I would definitely recommend you to others.

– A.G. Dundas, ON, Canada

Our goal is to retire early. We are quick decision makers when we know something is right. Thanks for making us feel for comfortable.

–W.K. Oshawa, ON, Canada

Several people told me to set up an offshore corporation and offshore account with you.

–B.L.S., Greeley, CO, USA

You can set up an offshore merchant account. You can set up an offshore corporation. I can set up all of my offshore banking with you. I really needed your one stop service and I appreciate that you can do it all.

–D.T., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was referred to you by someone else who used you and I have appreciated all of your help.

– A.C., Coleshill, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

I wanted to protect my assets and I had 10 days to act. Thanks for getting the job done so quickly.

– A.E.S., Chattanooga, TN, USA

I was so happy with your service that I referred you to some friends several months later.

– L.R. Shorewood, IL, USA

I set up an offshore corporation to do some offshore development. I am getting a loan for several million dollars to fund my business. I have 6 different offers from lenders right now willing to lend money to my offshore corporation.

– Z.K., Las Vegas, NV, USA

We needed an offshore corporation and offshore bank account to expand our business in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. We are happy with our offshore corporation and offshore banking situation. You guys were real helpful.

– R.Y., Honolulu, HI, USA

I left my former employer and went to work for one of their competitors. I was real concerned about liability. The offshore corporation and banking gave me the privacy I needed. I am a lot more relaxed now after you took care of me.

– M.L. Derry, NH, USA

We wanted to set up in terms of privacy. That is why we went with you.

– F.B., Brampton, ON, Canada

I was checking out different websites, calling them, and I seemed to like you the best because you were the nicest and offered the most for the money.

– M.A. Phoenix, AZ, USA

You guys get the job done quickly, you’re friendly and helpful. You lifted the burden from me. That is why I’ve used you for my clients so darn many times.

– R.E. (Certified Public Accountant), Los Angeles, CA, USA

We had a merchant account for 20 years. They just shut off our merchant account because of one $6,000 chargeback. That is why we wanted the offshore merchant account. Thanks.

– G.K., Greeley, CO, USA

I am a photographer and I wanted financial privacy. You really helped me after you delivered my offshore LLC. I appreciate your service after the sale and helping me with my offshore company and offshore bank account.

– J.N., Los Angeles, CA, USA / Paris, France.

Thanks for making everything so easy.

– T.T., Buffalo, NY, USA

Thanks for the quick reply to my questions and thanks for the quick delivery when you did my offshore incorporation.

– B.J.S. Newport Beach, CA, USA

I have been making a lot of money with a marketing company and I needed protection. I decided offshore company formation and offshore banking was the right way to go. Thanks for showing me how to do it legally.

– B.Q., Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

Thank you for your help with the best county to protect my privacy and helping me pick the offshore company that was best.

– J.W., Overijse, Belgium

My boss and I both used you for offshore company incorporation. Thanks for your help.

– K.D., Longmont, CO, USA

We are offshore merchants and we needed an offshore company and account. Thank you for your help when my wife and I came in to your office to meet with you. God bless you.

– F.K. West Hills, CA, USA

My wife and I are both medical doctors. We wanted to protect our assets. I appreciate all your support and help with the process of setting up our offshore company and offshore banking.

– C.A., Lexington, KY, USA

I want to set up website where the offshore laws are more favorable. You got my offshore corporation and offshore bank account set up faster than I thought possible.

– P.M., Jacksonville, FL, USA

You got my Nevis offshore company and bank account to me in 7 days from the day you set it up for me. Thanks.

–C.S., Davenport, IA, USA

We knew we needed an offshore corporation entity structure to protect our assets. The company we want to establish is investing; mainly through offshore accounts. We want to report it and be as legal as we can. Thanks for helping us do it right and showing us how to do it legally and above board.

– K.M., Charlotte, NC, USA

I wanted an offshore LLC in Nevis and offshore bank account. I came into your office and you were very helpful. That is why I used your service.

– N.L., Los Angeles, CA, USA

I had 10 days to move substantial amount of funds to different offshore banks. I waned to set this up right and make it happen quickly. I’ve studied this stuff for a while. I don’t want to put my funds all in one place. I want various offshore bank accounts and offshore corporations. That is why I came to you. Thanks for the service and speed.

– R.Y. Henderson, NV, USA

I appreciate all of your help and letting me bug you with all my questions after setting up my offshore bank account and offshore corporation for me. This is the kind of asset protection I really need right now.

– K.J. Huntingdon, PA, USA

You registered [name of offshore corporation] for us. I received everything in about a week.

– A.L, Carmel, IN, USA

My merchant account was closed in the US. So I came to you to set up an offshore merchant account. Thank you for all of your support and care in getting my offshore high risk merchant account going.

– W.D., Cocoa, FL, USA

I’m doing the offshore banking and offshore company formation to protect the money my father is giving me. You guys do good work.

– R.E., Newbury Park, CA, USA

Thanks for your answers and support after I ordered my offshore corporation online.

– S.B. Oxford, United Kingdom

My partner and I needed an offshore merchant account for our web business. You suggested a Nevis LLC. Thanks for pushing it through for us so quickly and for answering all our questions.

– D.L. & M.D., Toronto, ON, Canada