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A Message From the World’s Largest Offshore Incorporator

Lawyers Limited, established in 1906 is the company behind We are the largest company worldwide that establishes corporations and bank accounts around the globe. Like many industry leaders, we had our humble beginnings. This is our story.

Why Should You Care?

Experts say that the average person suffers five lawsuits in his or her lifetime, one of which is often a “killer” lawsuit taking most or all of one’s assets. Additionally, with over seven million words in the US tax code, there are numerous legal tax deductions available of which many individuals and their advisors are unaware. Legally putting more money in your pocket and keeping it there is what we are about.

The purpose of our company is to help clients expand their businesses to international markets. Large businesses such as Microsoft, IBM and Wal-Mart have established companies and financial accounts abroad to grow internationally. Small and medium-sized businesses can use the same tools to help them expand around the globe.

We also assist clients to safeguard their assets. Wealth is a like a garden. Sure enough, as soon as you’ve planted, the busy bugs and noxious weeds are out to take it. And, they will take it, unless you prevent it. Ask any farmer. Every garden must be tended. Likewise, wealth is often plagued with the ravages of litigation. Taking measures to protect assets legally is not only prudent but, in many cases, necessary for the preservation of wealth.

We believe that everyone should take advantage of the tax deductions that are legally available. Legal tax minimization is prudent, right and ethical. After this, we believe that we are all to pay our fair share. If someone doesn’t want to pay for the radar, they should move to a country where they have no radar. If they don’t want to pay for decent streets, they should go to a country where they don’t have decent streets. In order for us to live in a society together, we all must pay our fair but reasonable share.

We are in the business of legally protecting assets but we are not in the business of helping to protect assets from a government agency. If you are attempting to use our services to protect assets from a government agency and we know about it, we are instructed not to proceed. We recommend that you seek legal and tax advice from the appropriate person who is licensed to give advice in that arena.

We will not knowingly help people who are using our services to hide the proceeds of illicit gain. We will not knowingly help people who are using our services in any way that are not for legitimate, legal purposes.

In summary, we are a business that serves our customers and helps them protect and grow their financial resources legally and ethically.

Feel free to give us a call at one of the numbers listed above. If you are ready to proceed right now, you can order online 24-hours a day. Thank you.