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Offshore Banking – Asset Protection and Privacy

The objective of offshore banking is asset protection and financial privacy. At we specialize in offshore bank accounts, including Swiss bank accounts, as well as offshore corporations, and offshore merchant accounts. We can open both personal offshore and corporate accounts. By going offshore you can benefit from financial secrecy and lawsuit protection.

To obtain maximum asset protection and privacy, the best advice is to establish an offshore corporation to own your offshore account. Having an offshore account in your own name raises little question that the account is yours. All account deposits and wire transfers to the offshore bank would be in your name, leaving a trail. With offshore , having the offshore account titled to your offshore corporation, your relationship with the offshore bank remains private. Any deposits or wire transfers are made to the offshore corporation, keeping offshore transactions confidential. can help obtain an offshore bank account and corporate offshore bank account.

Offshore BankingHaving an offshore corporation with an offshore bank account that is titled to the offshore corporation, your assets are taken off the radar screen. Establishing an offshore company in Nevis, and an offshore bank account in Bermuda or Switzerland, can help provide you with maximum privacy. The Caribbean Island of Nevis located East of Puerto Rico and Southeast of Florida. Information on the owner of a Nevis LLC (Limited Liability Company) is not public record and is therefore confidential.

Looking for protection from divorce, lawsuits, and legal but controversial enterprises, such as online pharmacies or cyber casinos? Banking provides the privacy and protection required for these types of situations. Need protection of financial resources or privacy of ownership? Then come to the banking specialists at

Offshore is more affordably priced than one may think. Establishing an offshore corporation plus an offshore bank account at the same time is the best economical route. Many jurisdictions can be as much as $5000 to $8000. However, a Nevis LLC is valued at only $1585 and an offshore bank account is only $550 depending on the jurisdiction. That is a a total of only $2135 US to own an offshore corporation and offshore bank account. You can call 1-888-338-9868 or 661-255-3303 for more information.

Offshore Bank Account

How do I know my money in an offshore banking account will be safe?

Companies Incorporated (CI), the company behind, has spent thousands of dollars researching the strongest, safest banks in the world. CI monitors banking, bank profits, assets and customer service. CI also conducts sit-down interviews with bank directors. CI knows which banks offer features required by our clients such as online access, debit cards, wire transfers and low fees. CI is a worldwide banking specialist and has relationships with hundreds of banks around the world. CI conducts regular due diligence to insure that client funds are safe and secure.

How do I get my money into and out?

Depending on the bank, deposits can be made several different ways. The most convenient ways to get deposits into your offshore bank account, for example, are by Western Union, E-Gold, check, money order, wire transfer and many others. One private method for deposits is to purchase money orders (offered by most grocery stores) using cash. Then send the money orders to your account via a courier such as FedEx. Withdrawals can be made by check writing, debit cards, offshore debit card, cash machines, and wire transfer, depending on the institution.

Offshore Bank Account

Why should you trust us to create your offshore account?

General Corporate Services, Inc., the company behind, has been in business since 1906, serving thousands of clients. Companies Incorporated is the most trusted name in the industry and has established thousands of offshore corporations and offshore bank accounts for clients. CI is committed to delivering the same great customer service and confidentiality for which our banking clients thank us.

Are you ready to start saving money and sheltering your financial assets? We can do it easily and quickly. Click the following link to order your offshore corporation plus bank account now.

Phone us toll free in the US at: 1-888-338-9868
Outside the US and Canada: 661-253-3303

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