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Offshore Company: Free Information to Help You Maximize Privacy

A company filed in an offshore jurisdiction can help you maximize your privacy when opening an offshore bank account. First, your offshore corporation will be established in a private offshore safe haven such as the ultra-private Caribbean island of Nevis. A Nevis LLC, for example, offers a respectable combination of asset protection and ownership privacy and, incidentally, can be formed in 24 hours. Then, you apply for a bank account offshore in the name of your new company.

To help you keep as low a profile as possible with your company it is in your best interest to add some services to your offshore entity that can enhance your secrecy.

  1. Have a nominee stand in for you as the officers and directors of your company. Nominees stand in for you while, you, as the true owner have control through an agreement that gives you full command over your offshore entity. The nominee has a contract stating that he stands in for namesake only and has no ownership or control of your offshore entity. This technique is highly effective if you want to retain full power over your company but you want to keep your association with it hidden. Moreover, your money is safe because you are signer on all bank accounts.
  2. Another way to keep your ownership private is to have a virtual office program in the offshore jurisdiction. The office program will give you a telephone number that is answered for you. You will have a fax number. And your mail will be forwarded to you from your offshore office. The address and telephone numbers can be placed on your website. When someone calls, the shared receptionist will answer on behalf of your offshore company, saying, for example, “Corporate offices, how may I help you?” The message is then sent to you by email or other method if you prefer. Rather than paying rent and hiring a receptionist the office program services start at just $995 for an entire year.

    The office program is a real and legitimate operating place of business for your offshore structure. Keep in mind that the all the shareholders and officers of McDonald’s aren’t hanging out at all of the restaurants all day. This is not legally required nor is it realistic. Rather, there are employees and franchisees operating the day to day activities. This is the same with your offshore office. You have contracted employees working in your offshore corporate office for you.

By adding the two above services to your foreign entity you can substantially increase your privacy and give yourself an extra layer of protection to help ward off a financial attack.