Samoa Virtual Office

We highly recommend our $3,495.00 Samoa virtual office package, temporarily discounted to $3,295, which will cover all of the following services listed below, including incorporation of your Fiduciary Structure, at no extra cost except for courier fees. The Fiduciary Structure will have a $2,495.00 annual renewal fee. Let our experienced team of experts take care of your asset protection and privacy needs. See what is included below.

Samoa Virtual Office Package Include the Following Services:

– Formation of a Samoa asset protection Limited Liability Company (Samoa LLC)

– Offshore bank account in Class A top-rated bank (at time of incorporation)

– Samoa mailing address with mail forwarding

– Samoa telephone number answered by a live receptionist

– Samoa fax number

– Annual registered agent fee

– Annual government fee

– Maintenance of bank accounts

– Nominee directors & officers

– Debit card (at time of incorporation)

– Brokerage accounts (at time of incorporation)

– Online access to bank and brokerage account

– Power of attorney giving you 100% control

Regular Prices

Samoa LLC $1495
Offshore bank account $350
Offshore brokerage account $350
Nominee Directors & Officers $775.00 per annum
Power of Attorney $300.00
Certificate of Good Standing $100.00
Office program, including telephone number answered by receptionist, fax number and mailing address with mail forwarding (plus actual fees and postage) $995.00 per annum
Reinvoicing service $395

We can also establish a Samoa Corporation with a Samoan virtual office program.


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