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This purpose of this article is to give you information and research support about offshore banking and company formation. We also discuss internet offshore banking. Plus we give Swiss bank account tips and hints. Offshore bank accounts and companies can also be established by making a call to the number on this website. When you use an offshore corporation with your Swiss bank you enhance your asset protection and privacy for your offshore bank account.

There are many steps in going offshore to preserve your resources and protect yourself from lawsuits. These steps are covered and we help you find out how to guard your resources from people who would like to take your hard-earned assets. Confidential and private IBC (international business company) ownership is covered in this section. There are several jurisdictions that offer privacy of ownership including, BVI (British Virgin Islands), Belize, Nevis in the Caribbean, especially the Nevis LLC, as well as Cook Island trust formation in combination with the aforementioned entity. Many clients set up bank accounts offshore to preserve their privacy in a very safe jurisdiction such as Switzerland.

Offshore corporation dot com establishes online offshore bank accounts in some of the most beneficial offshore tax havens globally such as Swiss bank accounts aka. Swiss bank account, Swiss banking, Swiss banks. Research and information about offshore services can be found here. We offer offshore banking in several jurisdictions, including Switzerland (our favorite for the combined benefits of strength, safety and privacy – also known as the Swiss Bank Account, Swiss banking, Swiss bank or Switzerland bank), Antigua, Nevis, Bahamas, Bermuda, Belize banking, Barbados, Latvia and Luxembourg. We have thoroughly researched the banks that offer safety, privacy and convenience.

We incorporate in many offshore (mistakenly written by some as off-shore, ofshore and offshores) jurisdictions. These include Anguilla, Bahamas, Belize,  Bermuda and Brazil. We also establish companies in the very popular British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands (Caymans) and the Cook Islands. The  Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust is one of the strongest legal tools to protect assets from lawsuits. Additionally, Costa Rica and Cyprus and Gibraltar as well as Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel and Jersey, Labuan, Liberia, Lichtenstein, and Luxembourg additionally, Madeira, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius as well as Mexico, Netherlands, and Nevis (our favorite jurisdiction for privacy and asset protection), Panama, as well as Philippines and Puerto Rico plus the economically growing Russia and Samoa, Seychelles (a less-known but very beneficial privacy haven), Spain, Saint Vincent (St. Vincent), Switzerland (our favorite place for offshore banking), Turks and Caicos plus there is the United Kingdom, (UK, England, English), and Uruguay, plus the US Virgin Islands and finally Vanuatu.

The offshore banks and onshore banks where we establish accounts provide a variety of services. This includes offshore financial services to help your money grow and keep it out of the hands of lawsuits. As such, we provide asset protection for your finances offshore.

Commonly, clients will ask about anonymous banking. People also call this anonymous offshore bank account and anonymous offshore banking We also hear prospective clients call it anonymous banking, as well as anonymous bank accounts, offshore anonymous bank accounts, and so on. Whereas privacy exists in the banking world offshore, the bank will insist on knowing who you are. The important thing, however, is that they will not tell those outside the bank. Therefore, highly confidential off-shore private banking is available.

Privacy is further enhanced when you hold your offshore bank account in the name of an offshore company. By structuring your asset protection plan in this way, you have an extremely high level of anonymity. This is because online banking offshore transfers will be in your offshore company name rather than your personal name. .

So, what is the difference? We hear the terms International Business Company and International Business Corporation (both known as the IBC). People also use the phrase offshore corporation. Sometimes people write off-shore corporation or off shore corporation. We also see offshore company (off-shore company and off shore company). Plus people say the tax-free company and nonresident company or non resident company. The simple answer is that there is not much difference. A company can refer to a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). Offshore simply means that it is formed outside of our country of residence.

The offshore LLC and the US LLC are very similar in their structure. Some jurisdictions refer to corporations as “limited companies.” This simply means that when the company is sued, the liability is limited to the company and not to the shareholders, officers or directors.

Some clarification is also due on the various phrases used for offshore corporate services agents. They are also referred to as offshore corporate providers or offshore service providers. Various phrases used to form companies include offshore formation and offshore formations. Plus we see the process called offshore incorporation and offshore incorporations. Additionally, people call it offshore incorporating and offshore registration additionally, offshore registrations. Other phrases include offshore company formation and offshore corporation formation, offshore company incorporation. People also say offshore company registration, offshore corporation registration, offshore corporation incorporation, and soon. All of the above are simply different manners in which the process of setting up an offshore company is described. Offshore Corporation dot com provides inexpensive offshore packages in a variety of offshore havens. Extensive research and help to offer you optional off-shore services including fast offshore banking accounts opening services and at a very low-cost is provided. Years of experience, since 1906 to be exact, has given us the knowledge, understanding and know-how to tailor a plan for your needs.

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