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What is Needed to Open an Offshore Bank Account?

The information needed by various offshore banks in order to open an offshore bank account vary. Here are the most common items that are needed:

1. Application Forms with Original Signatures.

2. Valid passport copy of every authorized person (Signed and stamped by a notary public stating “This is a true copy of the original document.” Needs Original Signatures and not faxed or emailed.)

3. Two original references for the person who will sign on the account.
a. One reference must typically be from a bank (stating the date the account was opened and that the account is in good standing)
b. One reference must be from a business associate (lawyer, doctor, dentist or businessperson with whom you have conducted business).
– Both must have Original Signatures on their letterhead with their address and telephone number. A photocopy or faxed copy is not acceptable.

4. If you are opening a business account, you will typically need to provide a letter stating the specific type of business.

5. Bankers’ appointment (Will be prepared and faxed or emailed to you from the information you provide.)

6. Set of corporate legal documents:
– Certificate of incorporation or copy of registry record
– Certificate of good standing (usually only needed if the company is older than one year)
– Articles of incorporation
– Documents authorizing the officer(s) to open and manage the corporate account (An example is the “Minutes of the Organizational Meeting of the Organizer” giving the company to you.)
– Copies of all the above corporate legal documents must be signed by you and notarized and, if necessary, translated into English.

7. Before or after opening an account, the bank also may request some additional documents.

8. The bank will need an eligible introducer. This is someone who already has a relationship with the bank. Companies Incorporated (the owner of is an eligible introducer for many financial institutions throughout the globe. Please call 1-888-338-9868 or +1-661-253-3303 for details.

Your account will be opened after the receipt all of the required documents. The confirmation and account numbers are usually sent to you by electronic mail. Again, different banks need different items. So, the above list is simply a sample of the typical items needed by offshore banks in order to open an account.

Then the bank will typically wait for your wire transfer of initial deposit to activate the account. Initial deposit should cover account opening fee, card(s) issuance (if any), courier and other expenses. We recommend that you transfer an amount that after all charges will exceed the amount to avoid monthly maintenance fee, which varies by bank.

After the initial deposit is received and depending on what was stated in your application, many banks will mail to you some of the following:
• User name (login) and password – for Banking Online – to monitor your account activity
• Digipass V5 digital signature device – for dynamic password generation for Banking Online access and/or to authorize (sign) transfers from your account(s) online
• Test Key Table (TTK) – to authorize (sign) your orders via Banking Online or by fax or email
You will be able to use Banking Online to monitor your account activity and to make transactions once your account is activated.

You can also request transactions by electronic mail or by fax and, of course, you can always travel and give the bank instructions in person.

* Complete and/or complete and sign.
** Sign and have signature authenticated by a notary public

To establish an offshore bank account, give Companies Incorporated a call today at 1-888-338-9868 or +1-661-253-3303.