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Form a Gibraltar company to protect your assets through legal vehicles in a low-tax jurisdiction with a high degree of financial secrecy.

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Gibraltar is located on the southern coast of Spain in southwestern Europe. It is bordered by the Strait of Gibraltar.

In 1713 Spain ceded Gibraltar to Great Britain. Gibraltarians have voted to remain a British dependency despite pressure from Spain.

The climate is Mediterranean with warm summers and mild winters.

Gibraltar benefits from shipping trade and offshore banking. Gibraltar offers the ability to distribute products to the markets of Europe European Union, Southern Europe and North Africa. There are very few restrictions in moving capital. Gibraltar offers a high quality environment for corporate accommodation. Gibraltar is the only international Finance center within the European Union.

Incorporating in Gibraltar

There are several types of companies in Gibraltar. A corporation can be formed as a Private Limited, Public Limited, Limited by guarantee, and Unlimited. A private company requires a minimum of one shareholder and one director. Public companies require seven shareholders and at least two directors. A registered office in Gibraltar is required for the company. The following documents are required for company formation: Statement of Nominal Share Capital, Declaration of Compliance, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association and Notice of Situation of Registered Office.

In Gibraltar there is no taxes for inheritance, wealth, estate duty, or capital gain. Corporate taxes are a low rate, anywhere from 0-35%. The Companies Ordinance of 1967 has made provision for a special tax regime for international business.

Map of Gibraltar